Sunday, April 17, 2011

On Tap Today

Some of the things we'll be covering of FFT today:

Passover the vegan way. Check out Alicia Silverstone's post from last year to for tips. Another great resource is Jewish Vegetarians of North America.

VegNews blues. Quarrygirl blew the whistle on doctored photos in VegNews. The news travels fast and even The New York Times covered the scandal. Some responses to this news can be seen here, here, and here. Listen today to see what we think. Leave a comment and tell us your reaction.

Other sad news for vegans this week was pregnant Natalie Portman's comments about eating dairy and eggs again. She has been a long-time vegetarian and went vegan after reading Eating Animals (reviewed previously on FFT).

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution is finding it difficult to get their foot in the door of the LA school system. At the same time, Chicago schools ban homemade lunches.

Want to raise your HDL (good cholesterol), maybe dried apples could be a tasty solution.

I talked about the French couple who's baby died a couple weeks ago. Here is the link I promised to Virginia Messina's response.

The local humane society is taking donations for their garage sale benefiting homeless companion animals. They also need volunteers and of course people to come out and shop.

As the weather warms up, many people get ready for outdoor events. If you are including alcohol, you might want to consult barnivore to ensure your drinks are veg. Please drink responsibly!

Tune in for more on these stories and much, much more!

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