Saturday, February 19, 2011

Food for Thought - At the Movies

I promised two weeks ago, I would post a list of food related movies (and a couple more animal related, at the bottom of the list), which might interest our listeners. If you have a chance to watch some of these, we'd love to hear your reactions. If you have a favorite which isn't listed, let us know. You can click on the links to see trailers and/or information on the movies.

*Food, Inc. (we've talked about this one in the past, although I don't think it goes far enough, it is worth a viewing.
Food Fight
*The Future of Food
Food Beware: The French Organic Revolution
Earth Voice Food Choice
*Food Matters
*The Meaning of Food
Fast Food Nation (I've mentioned Eric Schlosser's nonfiction book on air and this is the fictional movie based on the book)
*King Corn (this is another one we've discussed on the show)
Our Daily Bread
Fed Up!
*Deconstructing Supper
Chow Down
*Super Size Me
I Am An Animal: The Story of Ingrid Newkirk and PETA
*Change Your Food, Change Your Life
Vegan Cooking for Animal Lovers

*The Cove
*The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill

*These movies are available, at the time of my posting, to watch instantly on Netflix.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Anna Lappé to be in Residence at UIUC Allen Hall Next Week!

Heads up! Another wonderful guest at Unit One/Allen Hall on the UIUC campus next week! "Vegan" Linda and I hope to secure an interview with Anna to play on FFT Radio on a future broadcast.

Hope to see you at some of these sessions!

- "Meat-free" Mike


Bestselling author on food politics, sustainable agriculture, globalization, and social change,
Anna Lappé will be a Unit One/Allen Hall Guest-in-Residence February 21-24 . All programs are open to the public and take place in the South Rec Room of Allen Hall, 1005 W. Gregory Drive, Urbana.

Monday, February 21 7pm - Hope’s Edge: Fighting Hunger, Building Communities Around the World Based on her extensive research travel, Anna Lappé shares stories of social movements addressing the root causes of hunger in Bangladesh, Brazil, Poland, Kenya, France, and here in the United States.

Tuesday, February 22 7pm - Eat the Sky: The Climate Crisis at the End of Our Fork and What We Can Do About It The food-climate connection, why and how food contributes to global warming, and what we can each do to support a climate-friendly food chain.

Wednesday, February 23 7pm - Froot Loops, Pop Tarts, and Big Macs: The Selling of Our Selves What role do the media and advertisements play in informing our taste buds? How does the food industry use media to shape our demand for certain foods? How can we be “food sleuths” and be equipped to be wise consumers of food—and media messages?

Thursday, February 24 7pm - Fresh Ideas: Grassroots Solutions to Creating Healthy, Sustainable, Affordable Food for All in the US A film screening of Ana Joanes’s documentary FRESH, will be followed by a discussion with Anna Lappé. The film and conversation will touch on on-the-ground efforts throughout the United States to address the underlying forces behind hunger and malnourishment in America.

Anna Lappé is a bestselling author and public speaker on food politics, sustainable agriculture, globalization, and social change. Named among the fourteen forward-thinking Who’s Who in Time Magazine’s Eco-Guide, Lappé and her work have been featured in The New York Times, Gourmet, O Magazine, OrganicStyle, and Vibe, among other publications. Lappé’s first book, Hope’s Edge, co-written with her mother Frances Moore Lappé, chronicles courageous social movements around the world that address the root causes of hunger and poverty. Her second book, Grub: Ideas for an Urban Organic Kitchen, with chef Bryant Terry, offers readers ideas, hands-on tools, and menus to create healthy lives for themselves and their communities. Lappé has appeared on television on Fox, NBC, PBS, and the CBC in Canada, as well as numerous nationally syndicated radio programs, including National Public Radio’s Weekend Edition, The Diane Rehm Show, and Talk to America. Lappé’s writing has been widely published in The Washington Post, San Francisco Chronicle, Los Angeles Times, International Herald Tribune, and Canada’s Globe and Mail.

(Asian) Indian Cooking Class in C-U area!

Hey there fellow foodies!

"Meat-free" Mike here to let you know about a cooking class that'll be offered this Saturday, February 19, 2011! Sorry for the short notice...will try to keep y'all informed sooner next time. This sounds like a good chance to learn how to cook basic Indian vegetarian food! Note advance registration is required.


Shuchi has been teaching culinary skills across continents to people of all age groups and ethnicities for many years. We are offering an introductory class open to people of all age groups, ethnicities, and affiliations. You do not have to be a part of University of Illinois or Asha member to signup for this class.

PRICE: $20 for individual, $35 for couple.
TIME: 1130am - 200pm
DATE: Feb 19th, 2011 Saturday
LOCATION: AACC kitchen (Asian American Cultural Center, 1210 West Nevada Street, Urbana, Illinois 61801)
SIGN UP: email to with confirmation to reserve your seat.

Come in comfortable clothes ready to learn. There is free parking in the parking lot of AACC over the weekends. If parking by meters, make sure it says Saturday is free (I cant remember). Bring your cameras to take pictures. Teaching would be very relaxed and you may ask questions regarding the course selected for you, or other Indian recipes. The class is more on the lines of - instruction, demonstration, and tasting. At the end you will have fair understanding of the spices, their use, recipe of the cooked food.

Following things would be offered to the students:

Opportunity to learn basics of Indian cuisine and cooking in a small interactive group.
Taste the main course, and dessert (description below). Enjoy the drink khatta-meetha pana.
Detailed Menu and recipe so that you can follow the simple steps back at home.
Raw ingredients for purchase after the class (original grocery store price.)
Opportunity to make requests on what you want to learn for future classes.

Main Course
Chole - Chole are also known as Chickpeas or Garbanzo beans. This is a north Indian style of making Chole in mildly spicy curry of onion and tomato.

Shahi Pulav - A royal rice preparation; made with basmati rice, dry fruits and mildly flavored with whole spices.

Meethi Seviyan (sweet vermicelli preparation) is a very delicious and quick dessert. Seviyan (vermicelli) is an Urdu word. In Indian cuisine it has come from Mughal period. For this recipe Seviyan are made in milk and garnished with dry fruits.

Apart from this, in drinks, Khatta-Meetha Pana would be offered to students. This is a sweet and sour drink made from mango, mint, herbs and spices.

To learn more about Indian cuisine, recipes, and your teaching Instructor, visit And stay tuned for future classes with Shuchi. Only 10 seats are available to keep this class small and interactive. Pass on the word to your friends you might enjoy this class!

Please signup by confirming your participation at

Friday, February 4, 2011

Palm Oil

Last week, Meat-free Mike and I discussed palm oil and some of the issues surrounding this product. Here are a few links you might want to read prior to this Sunday's show.

What is Palm Oil?

Cargill's Problems with Palm Oil

What's Wrong with Palm Oil

Palm oil: the biofuel of the future driving an ecological disaster now

Palm Oil Not a Healthy Substitute for Trans Fats, Study Finds

Cruel Oil