Sunday, January 30, 2011

What I've Been Reading

Here are links to a coupe books I've read recently and talked about on Food for Thought. I highly recommend both books.

Eating Animals by Jonathan Safron Foer

I put off reading Eating Animals for a while because I have literally dozens of books on how "food" animals are treated. I really didn't think I would learn much and frankly, it is depressing. I was wrong to avoid this book. It is a great read and Foer addresses the issue as no one else. This book is interesting and has some humor mixed in with what can be an overwhelmingly sad topic. I hope anyone who has any interest in animals or food, veg or non-veg reads this book. I promise you will be glad you did.

Thanking the Monkey Rethinking the Way We Treat Animals by Karen Dawn

Karen Dawn is hip and fun. I see Thanking the Monkey appealing to the same crowd as Skinny Bitch (although, I have to admit, I still have not read this one). If you are interested in animal welfare, animal rights, activism, etc. or you think activists are crazy, I think you will really like this book. There are lots of quotes by famous people, pictures, cartoons, and funny (sometimes sexual, of course) comments splattered among all the hard information on how animals are treated in all aspects of our culture. Dawn leaves no stone unturned and covers animals in entertainment to animals used for "science". Lots of important information in a package which is easily accessible to everyone.

Happy reading everyone!