Friday, April 1, 2011

FFT on the Road

Both Mike and I traveled (in different states) a bit the last couple weeks and shared some of the restaurants they visited. Here are some links to the restaurants we covered:

Mellow Mushroom (ironically, we both went to a Mellow Mushroom, Mike in KY and Linda in NC) has been a great place for veg*n to eat for years. The Mega Veggie (without cheese for vegans) is always yummy, but they now have Daiya cheese as an option.

Deejai Thai is a mom and pop restaurant and the best Thai food in Charlotte, NC (at least of all the places we've tried). Easy to order a vegetarian entry and brown rice is available. The staff is helpful and while the ambiance is nice enough for a date night, children are welcome.

Common Market has two locations in Charlotte, NC and I recommend them both. They are little neighborhood convenience/specialty shops with a deli that makes me want to move south. Their vegan breakfast/brunch options are spectacular. I would kiss someone if they opened up a similar place in C-U!

Whole World Natural Restaurant and Cafe in Columbus, OH is a long established veg eatery. We had the pleasure of dining there for Sunday brunch. The portions were big, food was excellent, the vegan options were many. We will return again when we are in Columbus.

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