Sunday, October 24, 2010

Halloweegan Ideas, Book Reviews, and More

Happy Fall, C-U listeners, gotta love these beautiful warm days we are having before the cold sets in.  I didn't get a post out last week and I want to give you the link to Dr. Greger's site since last Sunday I gave a lot of info from his latest DVD.  If locals are interested in watching his DVDs, I am willing to loan out my copies.  Just leave a comment.

Oh and I gushed about Michael Franti, one of my personal favorite vegan musicians.  Here is the video on PETA's site about his veganism.  He is all around amazing person so please check out his music.

Now on to this week!  We will have a couple book reviews and the Co-op Corner.  Halloween is just a week away and I wanted to share some links for making your Halloween, Halloweegan (get it, Halloween and vegan...I have Wing-it Vegan to thank for that bit of cuteness).
In fact, Wing-it Vegan is the first place I want you to check out for great vegan Halloween ideas from food to crafts (just look at the left of her page and click on Halloweegan). 

Vegan Halloween links from Veg for Life.

Halloween tips from Veg Family.

The Official Guide to Vegan Candy from VegNews.

My veg family will be hosting their first ever Halloween party this year.  Listen in for all the fun.

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