Saturday, February 27, 2010

Pizza, Pizza!

We will talk about pizza this week! Specifically, vegan pizza. Pizza without cheese? Does it taste good? Absolutely!

Here is a link for eating out at chain restaurants while veg (including a few chain pizza places). Please note that this is a guide and you should check with the specific restaurant to ensure the ingredients are veg*n or suitable for your dietary wants/needs.

It is amazing how far vegan pizza has come. Little Caesars mentions vegans on their website. There are videos on making vegan pizza, even by famous chefs. There is apparently even one totally vegan pizza/sub place or maybe two in the country (my dream business!).

Locally-owned pizza joints where you should be able to buy a vegan pizza (please check ingredients before ordering to make sure): Monical's Pizza (multiple locations, but started locally), Village Inn Pizza on the corner of Springfield and Mattis in Champaign, Antonio's Pizza on Green St. in Campustown, Manolo's Pizza and Empanadas on Oregon in Urbana, Jupiter's Pizzia and Billards in downtown and at the Crossing in Champaign, and the new kid in town - Vinny's East Coast Pizzeria on Kirby in Champaign. We've heard that Papa Del's has dairy in all their crust so unfortunately we aren't aware of any vegan pizza offerings from this local icon. I've also been told that One World Pizza has dairy in all their crust. Do you have a favorite pizza place and know they are able to make a vegan pizza, let us know!

My husband is a special guest this week and will share his homemade pizza secrets!

In veg*n news:

1. Neal Barnard has a new article on Settling the Soy Controversy.

2. I mentioned this before, but here is the link to the PCRM 21-Day Vegan Kickstart.

We will also have a Co-op Corner and much more!

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