Sunday, February 21, 2010

Weight, Sugar, Yummy Food

Today on FFT, we will attempt to tackle a sensitive issue.

Weight. Underweight to overweight, what are the health effects. How to find a balance.

Discrimination for people we are "overweight" such as the recent Kevin Smith incident.

What health issues may be linked to obesity?

Health issues which may be caused by being underweight.

Veg*ns love to support other veg*ns. Now that tax time is quickly approaching, you might want to check out this ad for a vegan accountant on

I (VeganLinda) will also talk about vegan birthdays and mardi gras celebrations. We have a newish tradition of going to our friends' house for a vegan potluck and an awesome vegan King's Cake! Now that the festivities are over, I explore my intentions for giving up sugar or being more mindful of sweets at least until my next child's birthday in mid-April.

Meat-free Mike will have lots of fun stuff too! Listen today!

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