Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Very Veg Thanksgiving

Over the last couple week or so and for the next week or so (how is that for nailing things down?), we will be talking about how and why to have a Very Veg*n Thanksgiving!

Here are some resources we have mentioned or will mention on the air for great Thanksgiving type recipes:

A Vegan Thanksgiving Feast by Robin Robertson

A Bountiful Vegan Thanksgiving

Vegan Holiday Dining Recipes by Bryanna Clark Grogan

The Cancer Project

If you would like more information about turkeys and reasons not to eat them, check out United Poultry Concerns.

Vegan Linda put together a list of her favorite children's books for the holiday season. Unfortunately, vegan Thanksgiving books are not in abundance, but there are a few that we love to read to our kids.

Meat-free Mike might have to change his name to Vegan Mike. He decided to go vegan for the month of November so check tune in a check out how things are going!

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