Sunday, January 15, 2012

Show Notes for January 15, 2012

Today's show featured a special guest: Rachel's son, Lance. With Vegan Linda, they discussed what Lance likes to take in his lunchbox to first grade (PB&J), and his favorite fruits and vegetables (apples, green beans, and kale).

Rachel brought some rapidly-disappearing Vegan Spinach Balls to the last meeting of the Vegan Meetup Group on Friday. The link above goes to the recipe.

Eric brought a delicious Double Corn Cornbread from the Jazzy Vegetarian website to the Meetup, made with banana. (Scroll down the page for the recipe.)

Linda's many offerings included a Corn Chowder from Robin Roberts' Quick-Fix Vegan cookbook.

And speaking of cookbooks, if you're looking for a new recipe or two, check out the Urbana Free Library. They have a brochure highlighting several vegan and vegetarian cookbooks from their large selection. There's also a list of local veg-friendly resources.

We hope you'll tune in next week, when Meat-Free Mike will join and Rachel, who's scheduled to bring you a report on the newest vegetable she's trying: turnips.

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