Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Face Behind the Voice and Loads of Links

Okay, a bunch of links for you all and a special treat...
Here is Meat-free Mike (he's the one with the hat on and anticipating all the wonderful food on his plate) at the last Vegan Meet-up. Now you can put a smiling face with the voice you hear every Sunday. See what you are missing if you don't come to the meet-ups?

Okay now to links to much of what we've been discussing the last few weeks:

Vegan for Life - this is the essential guide to living well on a vegan diet. I am a long-time fan of Jack Norris and Virginia Messina and mention them often on-air. Now they have put all the latest vegan nutrition advice in one book!

Mark Bittman on taxing junk food and subsidizing vegetables to feed people. I couldn't agree more!

Meat Eaters Guide to Climate Change and Health (interesting read for anyone interested in/worried about the environment). For those of us who like pictures, don't skip this graphic.

We've been talking a lot about local farmers markets. Like the Farmers Market on Historic N. 1st St., Market at the Square, Sustainable Student Farm on the U of I quad, etc.

My friends have started a mini CSC and weekly farm stand for their farm, The Mulberries Farm and Orchard.

We played a song last week from Dada Veda and hope to have him on the show in the near future.

We have several guests we need to schedule and we'll let you know when and who very soon!

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