Saturday, February 19, 2011

Food for Thought - At the Movies

I promised two weeks ago, I would post a list of food related movies (and a couple more animal related, at the bottom of the list), which might interest our listeners. If you have a chance to watch some of these, we'd love to hear your reactions. If you have a favorite which isn't listed, let us know. You can click on the links to see trailers and/or information on the movies.

*Food, Inc. (we've talked about this one in the past, although I don't think it goes far enough, it is worth a viewing.
Food Fight
*The Future of Food
Food Beware: The French Organic Revolution
Earth Voice Food Choice
*Food Matters
*The Meaning of Food
Fast Food Nation (I've mentioned Eric Schlosser's nonfiction book on air and this is the fictional movie based on the book)
*King Corn (this is another one we've discussed on the show)
Our Daily Bread
Fed Up!
*Deconstructing Supper
Chow Down
*Super Size Me
I Am An Animal: The Story of Ingrid Newkirk and PETA
*Change Your Food, Change Your Life
Vegan Cooking for Animal Lovers

*The Cove
*The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill

*These movies are available, at the time of my posting, to watch instantly on Netflix.

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