Thursday, August 26, 2010

Wedrose Acres Animal Sanctuary, Half a Billion Eggs Recalled, and More

This week Vegan Linda will talk about her trip last Sunday to Wedrose Acres Animal Sanctuary.

We will also cover:

Huge Egg Recall in the news.  NPR actually ended with "Vegan Anyone?"

Central Illinois Hog Farmer goes vegan.

Dueling B12 Myths;  B12 not an issueB12 are you getting it.  I think I've gone on record on air several times with my stance on supplementing.  I feel it is better safe than sorry.  See what Jack Norris RD, founder of Vegan Outreach, has to say.  While you are at it, maybe check out his interview with Let Them Eat Meat.

MF Mike will have lots of surprises in store as well.  Don't miss it!

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